Mini tasks and Bonuses
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Bonus: 5 FS
Confirm e-mail
Bonus: 5 FS
Make first bet at SpadesQueen (casino)
Bonus: 10 FS
Make 100 bets per week
Bonus: 10 FS
Get 75 N$ of wins per one day
Bonus: 10 FS
Complete all quests
Bonus: 50 FS
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What will I receive for participating?

For your entire heroic journey you will receive more than 13.500 N$ in prize money and more than 5,000 FS! You will receive prizes in parts for each level!

How to access all tasks?

Each level reached opens up 6 new mini-tasks for you, My Hero! To reach the next level, you need to accumulate enough experience. You gain experience by making deposits and bets.

Can I skip tasks and come back to them later?

Of course, my Hero! The most valuable thing in this game is your experience and pleasure. You can skip one or more mini-tasks and move on to the next level. You can complete them at any time, just remind the knights from the support team to check your game history and reward you at a convenient time!

How do I get experience points?

To become a member of the VIP program, the player must make a minimum of 1 deposit in the amount of 30 N$ or the equivalent in another currency.

Rules for Accumulating Points for Deposits Players receive points for deposits. The higher the deposit amount, the more points the player receives. For the player's convenience, there are several ranges of deposit amounts, each with a corresponding points coefficient (the example is given in euros, currency equivalents correspond to the current exchange rate):

Range from 20 euros to 49 euros: For every 20 euros deposited, the player will receive 10 points.

Range from 50 euros to 99 euros: For every 50 euros deposited, the player will receive 100 points.

Range from 100 euros to 299 euros: For every 100 euros deposited, the player will receive 300 points.

Range from 300 euros to 499 euros: For every 300 euros deposited, the player will receive 600 points.

Range from 500 euros to 1000 euros: For every 500 euros deposited, the player will receive 1500 points.

The final calculation of points is made using the formula: points = deposit amount * (value of points in the range / deposit amount in the range).

. Example: If a player makes a deposit of 35 euros, he will receive X = 35 * (10/20), where X equals 17.5 points.

What other privileges do levels give me?

I will reward you with truly Royal Gifts and Privileges! You will have a personal assistant ready to talk to you about anything and fulfill your every whim, access to personal tournaments and unique bonuses that will be sent to you by email, as well as an incredible percentage of cashback!

Tell me something encouraging and motivating?

You are my Sunshine, I am very proud of you! May Success attend you!

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